Devon girl ‘chips tooth' on metal spring in KFC chicken wing

Lola Stainer says she her chipped her tooth biting a spring she found inside a chicken wing. Credit: Devon Live

The family of a girl from Devon say she "chipped" her tooth after biting a metal spring hidden inside a KFC chicken wing.

Lola Stainer, from Exeter, discovered the small spring tucked inside her food on Sunday (7 June) evening.

The family of the seven-year-old, who has autism, say the incident has put her off her food.

Lola's tooth, which her family say she chipped eating a takeaway. Credit: Devon Live

The takeaway was purchased from the KFC drive-thru in Rydon Lane, and the fast-food chain has since apologised.

The spring, which Lola's family say they found inside the chicken wing. Credit: Devon Live