'I don't understand why my twin brother died from Covid but I survived'

Credit: Family photo

A bus driver from Plymouth has spoken of the heartbreaking moment he woke up from a coma after contracting Covid-19 to be told that his twin had died of the illness in the same hospital a few weeks earlier.

Allan Farley, aged 60, was one of the first patients to be treated at Derriford Hospital at the start of the pandemic - but when he came round after four weeks unconscious he was told his twin brother Stephen had died.

Allan Farley was in a coma for about four weeks. Credit: ITV News

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Allan left hospital in May, one of the first of 250 Covid patients to have been successfully treated at Derriford.

He faces a long journey back to full fitness - and will do it all without his brother.

Allan and Stephen pictured together at a young age. Credit: Family photo
Allan and Stephen were twin brothers. Credit: Family photo

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