‘Embarrassed’ Bristol residents tape over street named after Edward Colston

Residents on Colston Road have taped over the street's sign. Credit: Bristol Live

Bristol residents "embarrassed" by their road's link to Edward Colston have revived a campaign to get it renamed.

Blue tape has been plastered over the Colston Road sign in Easton, and a suggestion box has been installed asking for new name ideas.

It comes after Colston's statue was hauled down and dumped in Bristol Harbour during a Black Lives Matter protest at the weekend.

The campaign to change the street’s name was launched in 2018 by former city councillor Abdul Malik, who has lived on the road his entire life.

Big Jeff Boulevard, Massive Attack Mile and Streety McStreetface Street are among the many suggestions for a new name online.

But perhaps a more considered suggestion was Stephenson Road, a reference to Bristol civil rights campaigner Paul Stephenson.

Colston Road resident Dan Stone, who installed the new suggestion box, said discussions were still at an early stage but there had been about a dozen contenders put forward so far.

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