211 people in Wiltshire issued with fines since the first week of lockdown for breaking covid-19 legislation

Since the first week of lockdown - Friday 27 March - 222 fixed penalty notices were given to 211 people in Wiltshire who failed to adhere to Government's restrictions. 15 of these notices were revoked.

There were 11 people who had been fined on more than one occasion over the ten-and-a-half weeks.

During this time, Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said most people 'behaved responsibly' and the focus of the police force was 'explaining, engaging and encouraging our communities'.

Over the past two weeks, the number of fines for breaching the covid-19 legislation in Wiltshire has now significantly dropped.

Just three fixed penalty notices have been issued by Wiltshire Police since Thursday 28 May for breaching restrictions, and no fines have been issued since Sunday 31 May.

The numbers of fines given by Wiltshire Police have significantly dropped over the past two weeks. Credit: PA Images

Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said: “Throughout the COVID19 pandemic we have been committed to being open and transparent with our communities about how we as a police force have interpreted the Government restrictions and any enforcement which has been necessary.

“We have focused on explaining, engaging and encouraging our communities to follow the Government restrictions, and we have seen that an overwhelming proportion of people have behaved responsibly as they have understood the seriousness of the situation and the need to stay home during the height of lockdown and abide by the social distancing guidance.

“However, when necessary, we have used enforcement, and have issued 222 fixed penalty notices where people have deliberately or continuously flouted the rules.

“I hope this reassures the public that we have used the new powers carefully, proportionately and lawfully and we continue to urge the public to play their part in helping to stop the spread of the virus.”

Police say most people behaved responsibly. Credit: PA Images

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Jerry Herbert said: “I am committed to ensuring that no particular group or demographic is disproportionately impacted by the issuing of fixed penalty notices, so I lead a scrutiny panel to carry out a weekly review of all FPNs issued.

“This allows me to have oversight of all the new and additional police powers granted under COVID19 legislation.

“The panel has paid particular attention to how these new powers impact our minority communities, specifically people from a BAME background.

“Overall, I have been content that Wiltshire Police has been using these new powers lawfully and proportionately, which is reflected in the fact that, following a thorough review of all the FPNs issued, only 15 of the 222 have been rescinded.”