Mysterious statue appears in Bristol next to empty plinth of slave trader Edward Colston

The new statue depicts a man lodged in a wheelie bin. Credit: Bristol Live

A mysterious 'statue' has appeared in Bristol next to the empty plinth from which the memorial of slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down.

It appears to be made with papier-mache and depicts a male figure lodged inside a wheelie bin wearing a string vest.

The new addition in Colston Avenue was spotted on Monday 15 June after demonstrations in the city over the weekend.

On Saturday (13 June), hundreds of protesters congregated around the Cenotaph and claimed to be "defending" the war memorial, while holding signs with 'Not Far Right' and 'All Lives Matter' on them.

The new statue has appeared next to the empty plinth where Edward Colston's statue used to stand. Credit: Bristol Live

The new sculpture is of a bald man holding a globe in one hand and a mobile phone in the other.

On the mobile phone a text message reads "England for the English" and written on the wheelie bin are the words, "Spoiler alert: St George was Turkish."

It appeared after the Credit: Bristol Live

The artist remains unknown but the new addition has attracted a lot of interest from people in Bristol.

It follows Black Lives Matter events in the city, which have sparked national debate about the place of statues and memorials that commemorate the UK's links to slavery and the slave trade.