Floods in Nailsworth leave businesses 'devastated' just days after reopening to public

A clean-up mission has started after a town in Gloucestershire was flooded during heavy thunderstorms.

Pictures and video footage from Nailsworth show the extent of the damage caused by the storms on Tuesday 16 June.

Local residents and business owners are now attempting to clean up after the second significant flooding episode of 2020.

Images from Nailsworth show how badly the storms affected the town's roads. Credit: Nailsworth Town Council

People in the Gloucestershire town are now appealing for help as the "majority" of shops are severely flooded, just days after reopening.

One person affected, Sarah Martin, posted a video on Facebook which shows the water "cascading" down some steps.

She owns the Upstairs Downstairs Cafe on Fountain Street and said the water came in through the windows.

People who own businesses in the town are said to be devastated as it comes just days after they were allowed to re-open following the pandemic.

Requests are being posted online for sand bags and dehumidifiers to help with the recovery effort.

However concerns continue to grow in the town as more heavy rain is forecast, with a yellow warning from the Met Office for thunderstorms.