Gloucester street is transformed with a colourful makeover

A Gloucester landlady is hoping to give her street new life by painting the houses in bright colours.

Tash Frootko says the street looked tired and drab, but since her team of painters moved in, it's been rejuvenated.

The new look is certainly eye-catching. Credit: ITV West Country

Tash has not only given her own properties on St Mark's Street a makeover, she has also persuaded other people in the street to join in.

One resident only moved in last year but has already transformed her house from beige to green.

She says, "It was just a cream, beige colour - boring. I've only been on the street since last August when I bought the house. I met Tash pretty quickly. She said what she was trying to do and asked if I would be up for it."

16 of the properties have already been transformed, with many more planned. Credit: ITV West Country

It is not the first street in Gloucester to do this. Tash also owns properties in Nettleton Road and has already worked her magic there.

The leader of Gloucester City Council hopes other streets will follow suit.

Cllr Richard Cooke says, "I am really pleased that someone who lives locally has taken such a pride in their area and has done such a lovely thing. It's going to bring people here into the street. It's going to show the residents here that people care and it's going to make them incentivised to keep it as lovely as possible.

Tash hopes to get at least 30 of the houses painted, and has 16 already done.

Pretty in pink? The question is, can anyone repaint their home in any colour? Credit: ITV West Country

Can anyone paint their house a particular colour?

In theory, it is within your rights to paint your house any colour you want but local authorities can remove those rights.

It is up to you to check if there is an Article 4 direction in place in your area. There are also restrictions in place if your property is a listed building.

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