Hundreds turn out for Black Lives Matter demonstration at Bathurst Park in Gloucestershire

Organisers say hundreds of activists turned out in Gloucestershire today [Saturday June 20] for a Black Lives Matter protest that has been shrouded in controversy.

Locals planned the event to show solidarity with protests across the world calling for an end to racial injustice, sparked by the death of black American George Floyd at the hands of police.

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People kneel to remember George Floyd.

Lydney Town Council retracted permission for the event to take place last week over fears about social distancing. In a letter to organisers it said, "it was more damaging to the cause than helpful".

However after a public backlash, organisers were given the go-ahead for the second time.

At one stage it was thought up to a thousand people would attend, but in the end 300 protesters gathered in Bathurst Park showing solidarity with the movement.

Spots were marked on the grass to make it easier for people to adhere to social distancing, and groups sat peacefully with homemade placards.

A message wall was also organised for people to write their words of support.

Attendees also took part in a show of solidarity that has become commonplace at protests across the country, by 'taking a knee' during an 8 minute silence to remember George Floyd's death.

As well as the demonstrators, a group of around 20 veterans also took to the park to protect local war memorials and the Garden of Remembrance during the event.