Is there really a heatwave on the way for the West Country?

The view across to Axbridge and Cheddar Reservoir Credit: Emma Snook

You may have seen or read about some hot weather that's on the way this week but are we going to see any?

The short answer is yes! It looks like a return of some of the spring-like weather we saw a few weeks ago, with plenty of sunshine and increasingly high temperatures.

Jet stream to the north of the UK

The jet stream is currently to the north of the UK, keeping us well within a good lump of warm air. The jet stream, remember, is driven by the difference between warm and cold air; the bigger the difference the stronger the jet stream and usually the more changeable our weather is.

We've also got high pressure close by and that's bringing some warm air towards the West Country. There's currently a heatwave across parts of western Europe with mid-thirties Celsius across Spain and France and we're tapping into some of that heat on Wednesday and Thursday.

Warming up across the south west

So yes, we are going to see some high temperatures around the middle of the week with the hottest places across Somerset and Gloucestershire, but the difference between this week and most of spring is that it doesn't look like the hot and sunny weather will last for weeks...

There are hints of some thunderstorms moving in on Thursday night, breaking down the heat and bringing temperatures down slightly. This would mean a fresher feel in time for the weekend and perhaps a bit more rain. However, there's plenty of detail to nail down so stay tuned to the forecast for the next few days.