Children's Hospice South West offers a life line to Plymouth family hit by Covid-19

The Willingham family Credit: ITV News Westcountry

A Plymouth family has paid tribute to the staff of Children's Hospice South West after they stepped in when both parents had Covid-19.

Rachel and Jason Willingham had discussed what would happen if one or the other of them or their children had become ill with coronavirus, but never imagined they would both get ill at the same time.

Their son, 12 year old Lucas, has profound disabilities and because they were ill, Rachel and Jason were unable to care for him.

They contacted Children's Hospice South West who immediately stepped in to help, taking Lucas to their Little Harbour Hospice in Cornwall.

Lucas at the hospice Credit: CHSW

But while he was at Little Harbour, Lucas was also diagnosed with Covid-19. It meant he spent a month and a day away from his family, the longest they have ever been apart.

Lucas, Hope and Betsy when he arrived home from Little Harbour Credit: Family photo

The family were finally reunited and Lucas's twin sister Hope and little sister Betsy welcomed him home with his favourite balloons and bubbles.

This week is Hospice Week and the Willingham family have shared their story to thank Little Harbour for stepping in in their hour of need.