Ted the giant teddy bear wows passers-by in Bristol with his amazing outfits during lockdown

The antics of a giant teddy bear have been amusing people in South Bristol during lockdown.

Claire Newman and her family have been dressing Ted up in all sorts of guises and posting the photos on social media.

Ted standing to attention on VE Day - he's wearing Claire's uniform from her RAF days. Credit: Claire Newman

Claire says, "The local community really seem to look forward to seeing what he’s up to every day.

"From nursing staff at the BRI who drive past on their way to work, saying Ted brings a smile, to ladies and gentlemen that have been stuck in the house since March who are looking forward to seeing his adventures on Facebook, and the general public going out on their daily walks coming past to see Ted."

Ted has celebrated quite a few birthdays during lockdown. Credit: Claire Newman

Ted has wished many of his followers a special happy birthday and, if you wondered where all those ideas came from, the local community has been really helpful in giving suggestions and offering help with costumes.

If you wanted to see what Ted has been up to, he hangs out in the front garden of the Newman's home on the A38 Bridgwater Road in Bristol. You can also catch up with him on the Bedminster Down Facebook Group.

Claire adds: "It has been a great experience for me and the children. It has kept us busy through these uncertain times and has given us something fun to focus on every morning before home schooling starts."

Ted gets up to all sorts - including taking little Ted for a stroll and having to stay indoors when it was raining. Credit: Claire Newman