Conversations in Lockdown: Briony May Williams

Briony featured on The Great British Bake Off in 2018 Credit: ITV News

As part of a new series Jonty Messer has been speaking to some well known faces across the West Country to find out how they have been coping during the last few weeks of lockdown.

This week it's the turn of Bristol based Briony May Williams who found fame on The Great British Bake Off in 2018, reaching the semi-finals. Now a familiar face on our TV screens Briony is a regular on ITV and Channel 4 where her humour and warmth, not to mention her baking skills have made her a favourite with the audience.

But how has Briony found the last few weeks of lockdown?

Jonty, who has continued to present ITV News West Country during the pandemic, spoke to Briony about her experience of being tested for coronavirus, adapting her baking recipes due to a shortage of eggs and flour and she also found time to deal with Jonty's baking dilemmas, including pointy cakes and rubbish flapjacks. Enjoy (the interview, not the flapjacks, Jonty is still practicing)!