Conversations in Lockdown: Mark Ormrod

As part of a new series Jonty Messer has been speaking to some well known faces across the West Country to find out how they have been coping during the last few weeks of lockdown.

This week it's the turn of Devon based Royal Marine Mark Ormrod.

On Christmas Eve 2007, Mark Ormrod was out on a routine foot patrol in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan when he stepped on and triggered an Improvised Explosive Device.

Thanks to the swift action of the men around him and the intervention of the Medical Emergency Response Team he was airlifted via helicopter to an emergency field hospital in a desperate attempt to try and save his life.

He woke up three days later in the UK in Selly Oak Hospital, Birmingham, with both legs amputated above the knee and his right arm amputated above the elbow. He was the UK’s first triple amputee to survive the Afghanistan conflict.

13 years on Mark is a motivational speaker, author and winner of multiple medals at the Invictus Games. But for a man not used to staying still how has he found the last few weeks of lockdown?

Jonty, who has continued to present ITV News West Country during the pandemic, talks to Mark about how he's staying motivated, using lockdown to explore Plymouth on his adapted bike and how he can't wait for gyms to reopen.