6ft boa constrictor on the loose in Weston-super-Mare after escaping enclosure

Lola is thought to be six years old. Credit: Somerset Live

A 6ft long boa constrictor is on the loose in Weston-super-Mare after escaping from its enclosure.

The snake, fondly known as Lola, was last seen on Friday. She disappeared after an air vent popped out of her tank.

Owner Elliot Salvage, 18, keeps Lola along with three other snakes in his bedroom in Worle. He says he's "turned the house upside down" looking for her.

Lola needs spraying a couple of times a day to keep the humidity in the tank high. I went up to spray her on Friday afternoon to discover she had disappeared. It seems, as for some reason, the air vent in the vivarium popped out and she got out through there. The hole left in the tank is the perfect diameter for her to get through.

Elliot Salvage
Lola is described as being 'completely harmless'.

Elliot and his mother believe Lola may be in nearby fields after "turning the house upside down" to try and find her. The boa constrictor is not venomous is described as "very docile".

Luckily, at the moment it is quite humid so she will be ok for a while. But she needs that humidity to survive. She won’t survive for very long if she is out in the wild and I am desperate to find her.

Elliot Salvage

Elliot says although Lola has a calm nature he would not advise people to pick her up unless they are used to handling snakes and not afraid of them. He is appealing to people to check their gardens incase she is hiding out in them.