Airbus to cut 295 jobs at Filton base

Airbus has announced that nearly 300 jobs will be lost at its Filton base. Credit: PA images

Airbus has announced that nearly 300 jobs will be cut at its Filton base.

The aerospace giant confirmed that a total of 1,700 jobs are being axed across the country, with 295 at the factory near Bristol.

It was also confirmed that 1,435 jobs will be cut from its plant in Broughton, north Wales.

Airbus say it is cutting the jobs due to decreased demand for flights, something it did not expect to return to pre-coronavirus levels until as late as 2025.


Jobs cut in Filton

A company statement says: "Airbus has announced plans to adapt its global workforce and resize its commercial aircraft activity in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

"This adaptation is expected to result in a reduction of around 15,000 positions no later than summer 2021.

"The information and consultation process with social partners has begun with a view to reaching agreements for implementation starting in autumn 2020."

Airbus is to cut 1,700 jobs

Commercial aircraft business activity has dropped by almost 40% in recent months, according to the aviation giant, as the industry faces an "unprecedented" crisis.

The statement continues: "Airbus is grateful for the Government support that has enabled the company to limit these necessary adaptation measures.

"However with air traffic not expected to recover to pre-Covid levels before 2023 and potentially as late as 2025, Airbus now needs to take additional measures to reflect the post Covid-19 industry outlook."

Airbus employs around 3,000 people at the site in Filton, near Bristol.

In April, staff were told the company must 'act urgently' in order to avoid 'deeper job cuts'.

The following month it was confirmed roughly two thirds of its Engineering, Engineering Support and Support Function workers were being furloughed.