South Glos beauty salons: unfair hairdressers could reopen but they could not

  • Caron Bell reports from Kingswood

Owners of beauty salons and tattoo parlours in South Gloucestershire say it is unfair hairdressers were allowed to reopen on Saturday but they were not.

Under government rules, all close-contact businesses like spas and nail bars will stay closed until further notice.

Beauty salons and tattoo parlours remain closed. Credit: ITV West Country

Joanne Doyle owns a salon in Kingswood.

She says having to stay closed means she is struggling to pay rent. 

"It's do or die. We've got a thousand pounds worth of bookings booked in for next week. We can't open so I've got to cancel that."

I need that thousand pounds. I need that thousand pounds to keep paying the bills. It's not coming in. We've got nothing coming in.

Joanne Doyle, Beauty Within

Tattoo parlours remain closed. Credit: ITV West Country

Hairdressers were allowed to open on 4 July, along with pubs and restaurants - an attempt to juggle virus control and economic recovery, which has caused resentment from other quarters.

The beauty industry insists that as businesses already sterilise equipment, they provide safe environments, especially as beauticians would be wearing face shields.

Joe Geracitano manages a tattoo parlour and says it offers a hygienic environment:

"It's pretty disappointing. The way that we work is on a par with hospitals, with the sterilisation. Everything we do is hospital standard.

The only thing we would have to change really is for us to wear masks and face sheilds. Everything else is covered.

Joe Geracitano, Manager, Ink Box