Tiger King's Carole Baskin promotes Plymouth car sales garage in online video

Carole Baskin Plymouth
Carole Baskin has shocked fans in the West Country with a video promoting a Plymouth garage. Credit: Revento Motors

World-famous Netflix documentary star Carole Baskin has promoted a Plymouth car sales garage in an online video.

The American big cat lover and rights activist recently found fame in the 'Tiger King' series, which launched on the streaming platform earlier this year.

She has now taken the West Country by surprise with an online video promoting Revento Motors car sales in Plymouth.

In the video Carole welcomes viewers with her trademark introduction, "Hey, all you cool cats and kittens, it's Carole Baskin at Big Cat Rescue."

The Plymouth business is run by James Kennett and Shaun Young.

Mr Kennett said it was his "dream" to become a tiger tamer, but it "didn't pay off" so he sold Carole Baskin a car instead.

"My dream was to be a tiger tamer so I asked her for a job years back", he said.

"Unfortunately it didn’t pay off so we sold her a car and she part exchanged a tiger," he joked.

Carole Baskin has reportedly made thousands of pounds making videos for fans. Credit: Revento Motors

Facebook users have also expressed shock at the random video, with many posting Tiger King memes and GIFs.

The popular series on Netflix documents the dramatic rivalry between Carole and former zookeeper Joe Exotic.

After gaining millions of fans off the back of the show, Carole has now set up a profile on the 'Cameo' app which gives fans paid-for messages at £140 for every 30 seconds.