A pub in Burnham-on-Sea has closed two days after it reopened as a customer has tested positive for Covid-19.

Like many pubs, Saturday 4 July was the first time The Lighthouse could reopen following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

But after a customer contracted coronavirus, the owners have had to close down until all staff can be tested.

Customers were alerted in a Facebook post.

Six staff members who were tested for coronavirus have had negative results Credit: ITV West Country

The establishment has been praised for informing customers quickly and shutting down the business until further notice.

It has also affected a local restaurant, Saagar Indian Takeaway, which is now temporarily closed after one of their drivers visited the pub at the weekend.

The Saagar indian takeaway has also had to close this week because of the risk of infection Credit: Saagar Indian Takeaway

The food delivery company has assured customers there will be a deep clean before they hope to reopen on Friday (10 July).

Meanwhile a vape bar on Chapel Street in the town said is has deep cleaned the premises and tested all staff members after a customer who visited at the weekend tested positive.

Credit: ITV West Country

It remains unclear if this was the same customer who visited The Lighthouse.

Leanne Underhill, who owns Vape Escape, told Burnham-On-Sea.com, "It wasn’t the re-opening we had planned and we were informed on Sunday that a customer who had visited us had tested positive.

“All of our staff have been tested and have come back negative. We have been following all the safety guidelines and because we took the names and numbers of customers as they entered the bar, all of them have been able to be contacted."