New flights confirmed at Exeter Airport

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Flights to Manchester and Jersey from Exeter are set to be available within the next few months. Credit: ITV News West Country

New daily flights will be introduced at Exeter Airport following the collapse of Flybe.

At the end of next month, daily flights will be available from Exeter to Manchester, and flights three times a week to Jersey.

Passengers will travel via Blue Islands, the Channel Islands airline. It is expected the move will create 40 new jobs.

Left, Paul Simmons, Blue Islands executive director, right, Matt Roach, managing director of Exeter International Airport Credit: Devon Live

The daily flights from Exeter to Manchester, together with Manchester to Southampton services, will begin from August 31, with initial one-way fares to Manchester from £49.99.

The Exeter to Jersey flights will start from 3 September, and will fly out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, and will start from £39.99.

The airline, a 15-year old regional carrier, has described it as the beginning of an ‘exciting new chapter’.

The former Flybe Manchester flight was previously the largest at the airport. Credit: ITV News West Country

For the past four years, it has flown as a franchise airline for Flybe, operating between the mainland and the Channel Islands in Flybe colours.

Now it has new colours and says its goal is to replace lost capacity on core business routes in the south and south-west and to connect people from Jersey and Guernsey.

The airline will also be working with partners to offer connections for passengers travelling northbound beyond Manchester.

The Blue Islands at Exeter International Airport Credit: Devon Live

Paul Simmons, Blue Islands executive director, said: "Moving into Exeter Airport, where we also hope to set up a base in the next few months and position one of our ATR aircraft, is part of significant expansion for us."

The move will result in the creation of 20 direct jobs in Exeter, including pilots, cabin crew and maintenance staff.

A further 20 more indirect jobs - in ground handling and other associated ground activities - add to that.

Paul said: "We have had many applications from ex-Flybe personnel and there is a big talent pool there, of course."

Flights are now on sale at the airline’s website.

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