Bristol headteacher dances for pupils on what would have been their prom night

Steve Kneller, Principal of Hanham Woods Academy, doing a dance for his pupils on what would have been prom night
Steve Kneller, the Principal of Hanham Woods Academy, does a special routine for his pupils on what would have been their prom night.

The principal of Hanham Woods Academy in Bristol has sent a special message to his students who would have been enjoying their prom, if it wasn't for Covid-19.

Prom night is usually the highlight for year 11 students would have been taking their GCSEs - but it had to be cancelled - along with the exams - because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Students attending a last minute leavers service in March had signed each other's uniforms as a memento of their time together. Credit: ITV West Country

Steve Kneller held a hastily-organised leaving assembly in March 2020, when the decision was made to shut schools except for the children of key workers because of the disease. He didn't want his pupils to miss out on an opportunity to say goodbye to each other then, and now he wanted them to know that he was thinking of them on what would have been their big night.

In a Tweet he said, "It should have been our Prom Night tonight so I thought I'd get dressed up in our prom gear. You know how upset we were that we had to cancel the prom but I know that you understand the reasons why. Hopefully, you'll have your opportunity to get dressed up and have a party in the future.

"Were we to be in the Grange Hotel tonight, we'd have done some awards, we'd have had a laugh and we'd have had a dance on the dance floor so I thought I'd prepare something for you just to show you that when we are in difficult times, we can still laugh at ourselves."

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