Conversations about racism need to continue say organisers of Black Lives Matter protest

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Around 400 people turned out to support a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol's Eastville Park today. 

Crowds watched in socially distanced groups as speakers talked about the importance of black history being taught in schools and more funding needed for black cultural events like St Pauls Carnival.

People spread out in socially distanced groups to listen to speakers in Eastville Park Credit: ITV News West Country

Last month, around 10,000 turned out for the Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol City Centre.

The statue of slave trader Edward Colston was pulled from its plinth with ropes during a Black Lives Matters march. Credit: ITV News West Country

But despite the smaller crowds, organisers like Yvonne Mania say we must keep the conversations about race going. 

"It's not something we can leave to get drowned out. I feel we've made small progresses mostly in the name being changed of Colston school. I definitely want to push for other than the names to maybe change how they're taught in school."

Interculture are holding workshops to help people being allies for those who face racism Credit: ITV News West Country

Organisations such as Interculture are also trying to encourage people to educate themselves on racial experiences other than their own by asking questions in a safe space.

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