Thousands raised for poorly cat found living in the wild

Busted Billy was found in a very poor state.
Busted Billy was found in a very poor state. Credit: Gables Dogs & Cats Home

Thousands of pounds have been raised to help a "battered and broken" stray cat get the treatment he needs.

Now named Busted Billy by Gables Cats & Dogs Home, the poorly feline is thought to have spent many lonely years fending for himself in the wild.

He was initially thought to be around nine years old, but due to the horrendous state of his teeth and poor body condition the charity believes he is closer to 14 years old.

Years of surviving alone on the moors left Busted Billy emaciated and covered in fleas, with a matted and greasy coat.

Despite receiving food from well-meaning residents in the area, his health has sadly been neglected. After a veterinary examination he was found to have bad teeth, muscle wastage and diabetes, meaning he will need daily insulin injections for the rest of his life.

It is estimated it will cost Gables £1,000 for his ongoing care and treatment.

Busted Billy getting a much needed foot scrub. Credit: Gables Cats & Dogs Home

A donation page was set up to fund the specialist care Busted Billy needs, but the £2,000 target has already been hit and the current total is more than double what Gables had hoped for.

Gables' deputy manager, Ruth Rickard, said: "We are totally overwhelmed with the support he has had - he is worth every penny."

She added: "We know a fighter when we see one. He has told us that he wants to live out his twilight years somewhere nice - he wants to go on living a really good life."

Despite the difficult past that Busted Billy has had and the lifetime of medical care that he requires, he has an incredible zest for life and is very affectionate towards everyone he meets.

He even enjoyed a good pamper session with a warm bath and a pedicure for his ingrown claws.

To donate to Busted Billy's fund, you can call 01752 331602 or click here.