Bristol billboards by young creatives highlights Black Lives Matter, inequality and Covid-19

#WhoseFuture creatives gather in front of some of the installations in Bristol
The campaign, backed by Bristol City Council, has been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement Credit: Plaster

A new art project has been unveiled in Bristol which aims to bring attention to diverse creative voices in the city in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

#WhoseFuture is a creative collaboration curated by the Rising Arts Agency, and showcases work from 40 young Bristolian creatives across the city's billboards.

Advertising business Out of Hand, and Bristol City Council, have also joined the initiative - which says it aims to 'give a platform to the city’s voices while also asking important questions about its future, on the city’s streets'.

As well as using the billboards to respond to the recent acceleration of the BLM movement, following the killing of unarmed black American George Floyd at the hands of police, it also aims to highlight the inequalities suffered by young people and the impact on them from the wider Covid-19 lockdown.

The project says that although it seems more important now than ever to give a platform to these issues, it also represents 'an age-old struggle for youth resilience, security, agency and the need for positive social change'.

The billboards can be seen around the city for a month. Credit: Plaster

Rising Arts Agency is a community of young creatives aged 16-30.

Their mission is to empower Bristol’s under-represented young people to fulfill their creative ambitions and to affect wider social change through the arts.

Deputy Mayor Asher Craig has called the initiative a 'powerful statement to the city' and says it is important to listen to all diverse voices in Bristol, including young ones.

The campaign manager of #WhoseFuture says projects like this are crucial to encourage progression

The project aims to amplify the voice of young people in the city. Credit: Plaster

A boss at Out of Hand, the advertising company coordinating the billboards free of charge, has said it has been important to make use of their resources while paid advertising is scarce.

As well as the billboards, there will also be an online shop to showcase and sell the works on display in print form.