Major police incident reported on Collapark in Totnes said to be an assault

police cordon off street on collapark
Local residents say the incident happened shortly after 2pm. Credit: BPM Media

Armed police are dealing with a major incident in Totnes.

A police helicopter has been circling above the town and locals have reported that armed police are in Collapark.

Locals say the street has been cordoned off and an air ambulance is reported to have landed nearby.

An officer on the ground said an assault had taken place. Credit: BPM Media

A local woman who lives nearby said “It happened just before 2pm. I heard the noise of the ambulance. My next door neighbour just moved in yesterday. One of the other neighbours said someone ran through their garden.”

Katie Furini, 11, who is also a local resident, said ”I feel a bit shaken up. There were quite a few ambulances and police and the helicopters have been circling around. We’ve lived here seven years.”

A police source at the scene confirmed there has been an assault and that authorities are making efforts to locate the offender.