'Runaway' tortoise hands itself into Exeter police station

'PC Pasquale' - tortoise that made itself at home at Exeter police station, credit Devon and Cornwall Police
'PC Pasquale' - the tortoise that made himself at home at Exeter police station Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Police officers in Exeter had quite a surprise after a tortoise wandered into their station.

The reptile, named Pasquale, walked into the station on Friday 17 July after goingmissing five days earlier.

Staff at Exeter Police Station really stuck their necks out for their unexpected guest Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

One of the officers, PC Maria Canning - who is a tortoise owner herself - volunteered to look after the unexpected visitor until its owners could be found.

Pasquale is now safe and well back home.

PC Canning said: “Pasquale was very lucky and had to cross some busy roads to get here. He had a great little holiday and we’re all really glad he got home safe.”

'Pasquale' the tortoise inside his shell, sorry, cell! He was only visiting though and is now safely back home. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

While he was at the station, the officers could not resist giving Pasquale a tour of the facilities, which have only been open a few months. He even got to try out the new custody suite.

Devon and Cornwall Police posted the story of their extraordinary visitor on their Facebook page.