Villagers come together to create giant rock rainbow in field near Bath

WATCH: Victoria Davies meets the artist behind the Freshford rainbow.

Villagers in Freshford near Bath have come together during lockdown to create an enormous rainbow on a local field.

Each stone has been lovingly painted in rainbow colours and then put in place on the Tyning Field to gradually reveal the rainbow shape.

The first stone was laid down on VE Day, 8 May 2020 and since then hundreds have come to join it.

The idea for the giant art project came from local artist, Annabel Menheneott, who wanted the children to have something they could work on together, without actually being together because of coronavirus restrictions.

The nature of the project meant that social distancing could be respected and everyone could enjoy seeing the evolution of the rainbow.

Coming together to create a rainbow in Freshford Credit: RainbowinFreshford/Instagram

Eventually villagers of all ages were taking part in the masterpiece.

Local children have enjoyed playing among the stones as much as contributing to it. It has also become a place where you can simply sit and ponder.

The finished artwork filled Tyning Field with colour Credit: ITV West Country

While there have been plenty of rainbows around during Covid-19, as people wanted to pay tribute to the contribution of NHS staff, it is unlikely that there has been anything on this scale.

The artwork is temporary, but it will stay in place until the end of the summer and continue putting a smile on the faces of everyone who comes to see it.