Minke whales spotted off the coast of Plymouth

A group of Minke whales have been spotted playing in the sea off the coast of Plymouth.

Kayaker Rupert Kirkwood, also known as 'The Lone Kayaker', pictured the creatures near the Eddystone Lighthouse on 23 July.

The adventurer was paddling from Cawsand to Eddystone and said he spotted one after hearing the sound of a blowhole. He believes he spotted another two that same day.

Credit: The Lonely Kayaker

Rupert sat and watched as the first whale went beneath his kayak: "On a couple of previous occasions I have heard a whale blow once, and heard, or seen, nothing more."

He said, "I watched the whale surface about twenty times over the next hour. My camera was usually pointing in the wrong direction, but I managed to succeed on a couple of occasions."

Credit: The Lonely Kayaker

Rupert regularly passes different species of wildlife on his adventures.

On the same trip he thinks he spotted three Minke Whales, due to the distinct difference in their fins.