Mini Monet all grown up - catching up with the former child prodigy inspired by Cornwall

Child prodigy Kieron Williamson has grown up to be a sought-after artist Credit: ITV News

Kieron Williamson started painting while on holiday in Cornwall when he was only seven years old. His pictures sold for thousands around the world, earning him the nickname of Mini Monet.

Ten years on and at more than six feet tall, Kieron is not so mini but he is still a sought after artist. He has made a considerable fortune and divides his time between homes in Norfolk and the North Cornish coast.

At almost 18, Kieron Williamson still paints every day. Credit: ITV News

Kieron was known across the globe as Mini Monet. Art critics hailed the pint-sized painter as a child prodigy. At almost 18 he still paints every day and has a hugely successful career as an artist.

When he was just seven, all sixteen of Kieron's paintings sold within 14 minutes for £17,000!

'Mini Monet' Kieron Williamson surrounded by his artworks. Credit: ITV News

Keith and Michelle Williamson, Kieron's parents, originally thought his art was just a phase. His mum says, "I am just so proud of him, proud that he's kept to his passion. He's proved us wrong every day really to be honest. We thought it was going to be a one minute wonder didn't we?"

Kieron has 60 pieces in his latest exhibition. Ten years on, his work has matured and is turning out to be every bit as collectable.

Kieron doesn't just paint landscapes - he also does portraits, including ones of his girlfriend Elsie. Credit: ITV News