Councillor jokes Bank Street is going to be ‘Bankless Street’ as the last bank pulls out of Newquay's high street

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The last bank on Bank Street Barclays is set to close in October. Credit: ITV West Country

Popping to the bank soon won’t be the reason to come to Newquay’s town centre with the last bank Barclays set to close blaming a reduction in counter transactions.

Cornwall Councillor Geoff Brown says the street is going to be 'Bankless Street'. Credit: ITV West Country

In around 1890 banks began to dominate Newquay's 'Front Street' so it was renamed 'Bank Street'. Once around six banks lined the street but they have now nearly all changed use to shops and cafes.  

A coffee shop has now taken the place of Devon & Cornwall Bank. Credit: Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum / ITV West Country
A homewares store has taken the place of The National Provincial Bank. Credit: Newquay Heritage Archive & Museum / ITV West Country

The Coronavirus pandemic and the need at many places to use contactless or card payments is a factor now speeding up the digital banking revolution.

Cornwall Councillor Geoff Brown complained to Barclays about their closure and was told 85% of their customers use online or telephone banking.

With plenty of shops, cafes and eateries its hoped Newquay’s town centre will remain a bustling place to be. Credit: ITV West Country

Barclays are retaining their out of town branch in Newquay and have said nobody will lose their job when the Bank Street branch closes on the 23 October 2020.