Toddler cut free from toilet seat after sticking his head down the loo

The two year old found himself in a sticky situation during potty training. Credit: Kirsty Smith

A toddler from Bristol found a new way to get up to mischief after he got his head stuck in the toilet.

Two-year-old Callum Souch has been potty training but when mum Kirsty went to see how he was getting on she was given a bit of a shock.

Kirsty Smith told ITV West Country she rang the fire service to get help but seeing as they lived so close they walked the five minute journey to the Bedminster station.

Callum Souch certainly made fire fighters smile when he walked into the station Credit: Kirsty Smith

Fortunately Callum was not trapped for long as Avon Fire and Rescue staff managed to cut him free.

Although initially upset by the ordeal, the two-year-old was thrilled that he could see all the fire engines up close and make friends who all the 'Fireman Sams' who work at the station.

Fortunately Bedminster fire crews were on hand to free the toddler Credit: Kirsty Smith

His family are hoping this will be the last of his toilet escapades and have bought a new seat which should be harder to get stuck in.