Warning to beachgoers as couple's car is 'submerged' in sea at Brean Beach

  • Watch as the car is removed from the sea two days later

Burnham Coastguard's 50th callout of 2020 saw crews rescue a husband and wife whose car was "engulfed and submerged" in the sea at Brean Beach.

The rescue team received a call at around 5pm on Monday 3 August alerting them to reports that a car was trapped by the incoming tide.

When they arrived at the beach, only the roof of the car was visible.

Onlookers attempted to help the couple before the water started to rise, but eventually their car became "completely engulfed and submerged beneath the murky waves", according to the coastguard.

The rescue team is now reminding people not to take risks on the beach. Credit: Facebook / Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team

Fortunately the owners left unharmed, but their trip to the beach ended in them losing their car and their personal belongings.

Burnham Coastguard Rescue Team is reminding people to know their surroundings and plan ahead.

Details about the rescue were posted on the rescue group's Facebook page - but they had to warn users to leave "negative comments at the door" and share the post to help others.

The car was removed from Brean Beach two days later, on Wednesday 5 August.

Weston Recovery Services towed out the written-off Volvo using a Scammell, as people gathered to watch the spectacle.