Major search operation for mother and daughter lost on Dartmoor

06/08/2020 search
Police and Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams at the Avon Dam during the search. Credit: Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Ashburton)

A major search operation was launched for a mother and daughter who got lost and disorientated while out walking on Dartmoor.

The pair found themselves in trouble when the weather quickly changed as they explored the vast moorland - which is roughly the same size as London.

The rescue mission is now being used as a warning to others to watch out for dangerous weather whilst walking. They had set off on a long walk from Shipley Bridge.

Dartmoor Search & Rescue volunteers in Ashburton were called by Devon and Cornwall Police on Wednesday 5 August after reports that two females were possibly injured near Avon Dam.

Police officers and dog units joined forces with Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams and Hazardous Areas Response Team paramedics to help them.

Dartmoor is about the same size as 20,000 football pitches. Credit: ITV West Country

A spokesperson for the Dartmoor Search & Rescue volunteers from Ashburton said: "Transpires that a mother and daughter had set off from Shipley Bridge for a walk in good weather around the area of Avon Dam.

"In true Dartmoor style the weather changed and exhaustion set in, both of which contributed to disorientation. They’d done the good thing and contacted police, who in turn deployed the team to assist in bringing them to safety.

"Thankfully there were no injuries and both ladies were walked off by police & team members to an awaiting ambulance where both ladies were checked over and warmed up, before heading home.

"This was another multi agency incident with officers from Devon & Cornwall police, police search dogs, South Western Ambulance Service & members of their HART team.

"Dartmoor Search & Rescue Ashburton are a voluntary organisation providing specialist Search and Rescue services across large parts of Devon, assisting Devon & Cornwall Police, neighbouring Search & Rescue teams in locating lost, vulnerable, missing persons.

"Also assisting South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust in conveying the injured or ill from remote locations."