Heligan flowers burst into bloom for rewilding project

A gorgeous sea of yellow can be spotted for miles around as the wildflowers at the Lost Gardens of Heligan come into bloom.

They have 15 acres of wildflower meadows to encourage re-wilding the area.

The yellow corn marigolds dominate the landscape, with spots of the blue cornflower and white corn chamomile blooming through. Credit: ITV West Country

The purpose of having so many wild flowers is to help the estate's colony of bees have access to lots of different varieties of pollen.

One of the aims for getting back to nature is to inspire visitors to spread wildflower seeds.

It's hoped visitors will be inspired to spread wildflower seeds when they go back home. Credit: ITV News West Country

The site at the Lost Gardens of Heligan is supporting the National Wild Flower Centre based at the Eden Project.

When the season is finishing the seeds here will be gathered up and send across the country to provide more.