Dogs left in locked car for two hours near Cornwall beach during heatwave

  • WATCH: Onlookers film the moment two dogs are rescued from a boiling hot car

The RSPCA is investigating after two dogs were left in a locked car near a Cornwall beach during the weekend heatwave.

People became concerned after they saw the animals in a parked car in Looe. One witness said they believe they had been left there for "over two hours".

Devon and Cornwall Police officers rescued the animals by reportedly smashing the windows of the vehicle.

Speaking to ITV West Country, Richard Abbott, RSPCA Chief Inspector for Cornwall, said the key message he wants people to hear is "not long is too long" to leave a dog in the car in hot weather.

A photo of the car in question has been shared hundreds of times by angry users on social media, with many commenting they would have broken the windows themselves to rescue the animals.

The RSPCA is reminding pet-owners not to leave their animals in hot cars during high temperatures. The charity says heatstroke can be fatal in just a few minutes.