Heartfelt reunion between pet-owner and his dog after she falls overboard during Cornish sailing trip

WATCH: The heartfelt reunion between a pet-owner and his beloved dog

A pet owner who appealed for help to find his missing dog after she fell overboard on a Cornwall sailing trip is back with her after an emotional reunion.

Ian Wayne Booth was sailing off St Mawes, near Falmouth, on Sunday 9 August when his beloved pet 'Toobs' fell into the water and went missing.

A huge police and coastguard search followed the incident but did not manage to find the canine.

Less than 24 hours later, Toobs was found in a cave near St Anthony's lighthouse by two brothers who were kayaking.

Two brothers were kayaking when they found the dog in a cave. Credit: Facebook / Tom Homer

After posting a photo on social media to help identify her, hundreds of people commented and said it was Toobs.

When she jumped overboard, Ian thought she could have made it to shore, so asked people in the area to be vigilant. His Facebook appeal was shared more than 2,000 times.

It's thought Toobs could have made it to shore after falling into the water. Credit: Ian Wayne Booth

He asked people with friends in Falmouth or St Mawes to pass pictures of Toobs around the local area. She does not have a collar, Ian said, but is microchipped.

People inundated the devastated owner with comments of support, wishing him all the best in finding his best friend - which thankfully, he eventually did.