American woman on the hunt for 'dream guy' she met in Plymouth two years ago

Kate is from America but can't give up on the man who got away. Credit: Plymouth Live

UPDATE: After extensive news coverage trying to find Adam, he reached out to Kate and confirmed he is now in a relationship.

A woman from America is on the hunt for her true love after she accidentally gave him the wrong number following a romantic meeting in Plymouth.

Kate Lefler, from Oklahoma, thinks she met her dream partner when stopping off in the city during a work trip two years ago.

It was there she met Adam at the Rust and Royal Bar on the Barbican on 6 April 2018. Kate is a US Coast Guard and was assigned to a Navy Ship at the time.

After putting an incorrect version of her number in his phone, she has not been able to track him down since.

One night in Plymouth could have been the night Kate's life changed forever. Credit: Plymouth Live

Now the 23-year-old is desperate for her fairytale ending - but for that to happen, the people of Devon need to find Adam.

According to Kate, Adam told her he was originally from Wales and was visiting Plymouth to see his friend Mac. She thinks he was in his 30s and has a feeling he may have been part of the Royal Marines.

We met April 6, 2018 at Rust and Royal, we stayed there for a while and then went to a club in the Barbican, and then a diner at the end of the night and parted ways. "He kissed me goodnight and we were planning on seeing each other the next day. When a text never came I started to realise I never put my area code in with my number in his phone.

Kate Lefler

"I know there's a chance Adam may not be single anymore but I thought it's best that I at least try," she said.

The young American has even set up an account on Instagram, called helpkatefindadam, to try and trace the man of her dreams. On the page is a photo of her and Adam's friend Mac on the night they met.

In another attempt to find her man, Kate messaged Rust and Royal to see if they recognised Mac in the photograph - unfortunately they couldn't help.

I was there with a group of friends on a Navy supply ship that was in port for a few days and we came to your bar the first night we were in Plymouth. We met Mac and Adam and Adam really fancied me. We instantly had sparks fly and enjoyed a few drinks at Rust & Royal. He was in town visiting his buddy Mac, who lived nearby.

Kate, to Rust and Royal

After telling Rust and Royal that "sparks were flying" between the pair, she added, "Like I said, this may sound crazy, but even after two years I can't help but feel like he was the one who got away."

She continued, "Hopefully whoever sees this believes in fairy tales and love at first sight. Any if not... I can just be the crazy American girl trying to find Adam."

You can visit the Instagram page here.