Ambitious plans unveiled to transform Plymouth Hoe and put a dome over the historic Tinside lido

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Plymouth Hoe could be transformed with a new multi-million pound grass-roofed complex with restaurants, an outdoor concert venue and a retractable domed roof over Tinside Lido.

The ambitious plans from a small group of local entrepreneurs would see the currently unused Plymouth Dome demolished to make way for the three-tiered structure, which would fit into the Hoe cliff face.

Could the Plymouth Dome be knocked down and replaced by an innovative three-tiered complex? Credit: ITV West Country

Plymouth City Council has been seeking buyers for the lease of the 80s museum and visitor attraction. It was opened by the Queen in 1988 and never realised its potential.

The architects, ADG Architects Design Group, have produced an animation of what the new 'Plymouth's Ocean Dome' would look like.

The design is extremely striking, and many have likened its impact to that of the Tate St Ives.

Dale Beeson from ADG Architects says, "Well I think that was latching onto the idea of Tate St Ives being iconic in terms of what it does for the town of St Ives in the same way you could have a building here on the Hoe which is iconic for Plymouth."

The current view of the Plymouth Dome and Tinside Lido would be radically transformed. Credit: ITV West Country

The top of the structure would extend the area of Hoe Park and make it an ideal outdoor venue for concerts and generally for recreation.

The lower floors would have balconies looking out onto Plymouth Sound, coming into their own for events like regattas and the city's annual fireworks competition.

The operators of the Ocean Dome say they would work with partners to turn it into a major venue with gallery space, cafes, a theatre, and function rooms for weddings, meetings and parties. They say it would be a venue for the people of Plymouth.

Dale Beeson says: "The idea is that, because of the uses that are being promoted within the building, it is a bit of a mix really. It is not elitist and it is not supposed to be exclusive. It is supposed to be inclusive."

The potential developers are thinking of creating a retractable roof for the historic Tinside Lido. Credit: ITV West Country

The entrepreneurs say that, if they get the go ahead for their plans, they are also interested in taking over the running of Tinside Lido from Plymouth City Council. It could mean they put a retractable roof over the pool so that it can be used in the winter months.

The first step is for the city council to decide who it offers the Dome site and its 125 year lease to before any transformation can take place.