Sidmouth sea turns red after dramatic cliff falls

The sea near Sidmouth turned red over the weekend after a dramatic landslide sent giant plumes of red dust into the sky.

Pictures of the cliff fall were captured by two separate eyewitnesses.

The debris fell into the sea below, turning the water a dark, red colour.

An eyewitness managed to capture one of the cliff falls. Credit: Devon Live

Vicki Lomas, who was out with her husband, said the weekend cliff fall was one of three in quick succession.

"Ten minutes previous to this fall myself and my husband witnessed a smaller one,” she said.

"Then we saw this and 15 minutes later we saw another.

"All three happened whilst we were watching the lifeboat being launched out on the sea."

ITV News West Country has reported on a number of cliff falls that have happened near the Devon coastal town this year, though this appears to be the first significant landslide since July.

In May, the area was subject to five separate cliff falls, with three taking place within 24-hours.

East Devon District Council says it is aware of the issue.

The council also offered the following advice to people walking along the seafront at Sidmouth.

It added: "It is good practice when on the beach to stay well clear of the cliff base and to keep an eye out for fresh fall material or water running down the cliffs, which may indicate an area that is weakened and loose.''