Warning to dog owners after Buddy has to have emergency surgery to remove a stick

Buddy the dog who had to have surgery to remove a six inch long stick. Credit: MyNightVet
  • Warning some images in the below article may cause upset

A vets practice in Wiltshire has issued a warning to dog owners not to throw sticks for their pets.

It comes after staff at MiNightVet had to do emergency surgery on a dog called Buddy to remove a six inch stick from his neck.

Vet Leo Leiras removes a very long piece of grass from Buddy's mouth. Credit: MiNightVet
Buddy had to have a few stitches but has recovered well from his ordeal. Credit: MiNightVet

Buddy was brought into the surgery in Trowbridge by his owners after he had what the vets describe as 'an altercation with a stick'.

The MiNightVet team say "His owners heard him yelp and saw a stick poking out of his mouth which they removed. Buddy still looked a bit sad and his mouth was very sore so Vet Leo & Nurse Jo anaesthetised him to take a better look!"

This is what the vet removed from Buddy while he was under anaesthetic. Credit: MiNightVet

Vet Leo Leiras used an endoscope to investigate the problem.

He, with his veterinary nurse Johanna Page, was able to extract what was revealed to be the rest of the stick that had broken off and would have caused major problems to Buddy if it had not been taken out. It was almost six inches long.

Nurse Johanna Page says, "The stick was removed from Buddy's neck. It had penetrated into his mouth near the side of his tongue and tracked down the inside of his neck, narrowly missing his jugular."

The team also removed a tiny stick that had punctured Buddy's mouth and a length of grass that was also doing damage.The team left a heartfelt message on the surgery's Facebook page: