Six-year-old quadruple amputee Harmonie-Rose from Bath tries out an electric hand

This is the moment that six-year-old Harmonie-Rose Allen from Bath found out what it was like to operate a hand for the first time since she was a baby.

Harmonie lost all her limbs to meningitis in 2014, when she was just 10 months old. She fell ill with meningococcal septicaemia and doctors had to amputate both hands and legs in order to save her life. She was given a 10% chance of survival and her parents were warned that she might never be able to do tasks that others take for granted.

The little girl proved them wrong many times over.

Harmonie-Rose has raised more than £70,000 for Meningitis Now doing the 2.6 Challenge. Credit: Freya Hall

Harmonie goes to a mainstream school, learns gymnastics and, during lockdown, took part in the 2.6 Challenge to raise money for the charity Meningitis Now. She did activities the experts said she'd struggle to do because of her disabilities and has raised more than £74,000.

Over the years and as she grew, Harmonie has been fitted with a range of prosthetic legs and now has been able to try out an electric hand.

Harmonie's newest set of legs are purple - very appropriate for a trip to Somerset Lavender Farm. Credit: Freya Hall

Harmonie's mother Freya Hall says the trial was to see if her arms have the muscles to work an electric hand. They did.

She says, "This is just massive news for us because it means that she will be able to work an electric hand in the future. We were worried and unsure what damage the sepsis had caused to her muscles in her arms, but thankfully it looks like her muscles are ok."However prosthetic hands for children are very heavy and her prosthetist believes that it may not be until she is 10 that she can cope with the weight of an arm and a hand. As soon as she is old enough she will be able to get a hand with adult components. It will give the fine motor detail and means she will be able to pick up a pencil and so on.

Harmonie will be undergoing another trial for a hand to see how she gets on. The family are very excited. Freya says "It’s just amazing as it means that she will be able to use one in the future! It means that there are more options for her available."

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Harmonie recently acquired a new set of running blades - who knows what she will achieve next. Credit: Freya Hall