Creatives come together in Gloucester for new art project

210820- Luke Jerram exhibition from above- ITV News West Country
30 people from the area have taken part in the project which will display artwork in prominent local places. Credit: ITV News West Country

An artist has brought together poets from Gloucester to display their work in prominent local places.

30 people in the area have contributed to the outdoor exhibition called "Of Earth and Sky".

The organiser of the project says people will be able to see their work all over the city.

Pieces from the exhibition have been placed across Gloucester Credit: ITV News West Country

Rizpah Brinkman, who is one of the poets participating in the exhibition says it has been a great experience.

"It's incredible!"

"As a poet you wonder if your views are relevant, and if people want to hear them and then when you see them out in the public, you kind of feel exposed, but it's it's very exciting because people are ready for it."

Watch Rizpah recite some of her poem below

There are 31 locations, all of which are listed, together with the poems, on the earth and sky website.