Greedy cat returns to Swindon home with note from Toby Carvery team

Tula's antics did not come as much of a surprise to owner Nicole. Credit: Nicole Clark

A pet owner was left "chuckling and confused" after her cat returned home with a note around its neck written by staff at a local restaurant.

Nicole Clark found 11-year-old Tula with the letter which was written by workers at their local Toby Carvery in Swindon.

It read: "Does this cat have a home?" On the reverse it said: "Always at Toby Carvery."

The note was attached to Tula when she returned home. Credit: Nicole Clark

The cheeky feline's owner said she "couldn't stop laughing" after Tula's greedy habit and secret second life had been exposed.

It seems that, as well as being fed at home, the Siberian cat likes to hang out at the local eatery in the hope of picking up some extra snacks from staff and customers.

After posting a picture of the funny note on Facebook, Nicole said she was made aware by other users that Tula is a regular at the restaurant.

Describing her pet as a "natural chancer" Nicole said she was not at all surprised to be made aware of the cat's escapades, adding that she is "not too proud to scrounge for peoples' food."

As soon as she read the note, Nicole paid a visit to the Swindon branch to let staff know Tula has a home. It transpired the Toby Carvery team thought she was homeless or lost.

Nicole even said she bumped into the cat when she was leaving the restaurant.

The 11-year-old has since amassed quite a social media following after her owner posted about the letter.

Looking at pictures posted before the big reveal, it is clear Tula loves food and is very much in charge at her Swindon home.

Nicole now regularly amuses followers with photos and videos of the feline. We're wondering what her next antics might involve...