Meet the piano doctor of Wonford hospital soothing patients with her many talents

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When Jess Duckworth isn't treating patients on the wards she is treating those who need a little calming with her piano playing.

The junior doctor has been playing in Wonford's chapel room to visitors and staff looking for a break from the stresses of the hospital.

Working in a hospital can be stressful at the best of times but this year has been particularly challenging because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicknamed "The Piano Doctor", she writes her own compositions of soothing music.

The junior doctor has even used her masters degree to create compositions to sooth the nerves of those listening Credit: ITV News West Country

Dr Duckworth studied music and medicine for her masters degree, researching the types of music people find relaxing.

She has used the results to write a whole album of soothing pieces, which she has just released.