Coronavirus outbreak in Plymouth after group of 30 return from Greece holiday

Plymouth City Council says it is dealing with a coronavirus outbreak after a group of 30 teenagers returned from a holiday in Greece.

A coronavirus outbreak has been reported in Plymouth after a group of 30 teenagers returned from holiday in Greece.

At least 11 members of the group have now tested positive for the virus, which the city’s public health team are trying to contain.

According to Plymouth City Council, those who tested positive displayed no or only minor symptoms such as a sore throat.

The group, who are all aged in their late teens, had been on holiday in the Greek island of Zante - which is not currently subject to the UK’s quarantine rules.

The group had been on holiday in Greece, which is not currently subject to the UK's quarantine rules. Credit: PA

They then went on a night out in Plymouth before they were diagnosed with Covid-19.

The outbreak comes after separate cases were reported at a city factory earlier this week.

“This deadly disease spreads,” Director for Public Health Ruth Harrell said. “We know that some of these young people had no symptoms, and so carried on as normal, including a night out in Plymouth’s bars and restaurants, until they became aware of the risk. 

“That means more people could be infected. While young people might have fairly mild symptoms, and sometimes none that you would notice, our big concern is that we know it can be very serious for people who have existing health problems or are older.

“They need to help us to protect the city.”

With the Bank Holiday weekend looming, city officials are reminding the public to stay safe and follow all Government guidelines.

Leader of Plymouth City Council Tudor Evans added: “We cannot afford to be complacent. If you are going out, you must follow the guidance.

“This is our wake up call. We have been fortunate so far in Plymouth that we have had a low number of cases, but coronavirus has not gone away.”

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