Video shows scary moment tree branch snaps off and almost crushes car in Gloucester

Video footage shows the scary moment a huge tree branch in Gloucester falls to the floor, narrowly missing a car.

It is presumed the tree was heavily battered during the torrential rain and strong winds during Storm Francis.

In the video you can see the branch, which looks like a tree itself, snapping and falling onto the ground - just missing a car parked nearby on Badminton Road in Matson.

Fortunately it's believed nobody was around when the branch fell. Credit: Gloucestershire Live / BPM

You can also hear the force of the winds in the clip and the reaction of the people who managed to capture the moment on camera.

They said, "There's no-one out there is there?"

Fortunately it seems there was not anyone near the tree when the branch fell off.

The frightening footage comes as Storm Francis brought extremely dangerous weather conditions to the West Country.

Along the River Dart, a pair of wild campers were rescued after getting stranded on a rock island while camping on Dartmoor.

Footage of that incident shows the speed of the current when the storm was at its peak. Rescuers said the two men were "very lucky" to escape alive.

This tree fell down at the top of Muller Road, Bristol. Credit: Brenden Laben

These photos were sent to us by a passer-by who saw this tree in Bristol after it had collapsed, coming out of the ground entirely.

They were taken on Horfield Common on Wednesday 26 August.