Six-foot snake on the loose in Devon

Doritos the snake has been missing for two weeks.

A six-foot long snake is on the loose in Kingsbridge in Devon.

The 24-year old Carolina corn snake, called 'Doritos', escaped from a flat around two weeks ago.

His owner, Zoë Moore, says he does not pose any danger.

Doritos is believed to be hiding near to a local supermarket where snake markings have been discovered.

Zoë says she has "turned the house upside down trying to find him".

''He is likely to be curled up somewhere warm trying to hide. He willbe very frightened.

''He will not hurt you and is certainly not a danger to your pets.


Zoë says Doritos has arthritis in his tail and doesn't have a great deal of strength.She says anyone able to capture him should "gently pick him up in the middle and pop him into a breathable bag, such as a pillow case".

''Do not put him in a plastic bag.

''In an ideal situation if you spot him please contact me straight away so I can get him.''