Bristol business owner says city council road closures will ruin trade

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Additional planned road closures across Bristol are causing frustration among business owners and residents in the city.

Bristol City Council has already closed some major routes connecting the city to private vehicles in a bid to improve air quality and social distancing. Now it is proposing that 13 more streets are closed to general traffic and that some are pedestrianised.

Bristol Sweetmart has been run by Rashid Majothi's family for more than 40 years. He owns two shops along St Marks Road in Easton which is currently due to close on a temporary basis while the city council works it's plan to tackle pollution. Rashid says even if the changes are imposed for a few months it could ruin his business.

As well as a financial impact though, Rashid also says pedestrianising the street would damage the community there.

Roads that are under consideration for closure:

  • St Mark's Road, Easton

  • Clifton Village

  • Beaufort Road/Victoria Avenue, Redfield

  • Mina Road, St Werburghs

  • Cotham Hill

  • Greville Road/Upton Road, Southville

  • Langton Court Bridge, St Anne’s

  • Rosemary Lane, Eastville

  • Redcliffe Mead/Prewett Street, Redcliffe

  • Overton Road, Bishopston

  • Picton Street, Montpelier

  • Dean Lane, Southville

  • Woodland Road, Clifton

Bristol City Council says these are temporary changes that are part if its major transport improvements to 'cut air pollution and support social distancing.'

Councillor Ruth Pickersgill said "what we want to do it coproduce something that works with residents and traders and improves cycling and air quality. What we want to do is preserve this street. We want to make it vibrant, increase footfall, we want to make it a destination street."

Changes to St Marks Road in Easton are the latest suggested by the city council. Since the beginning of August Bristol Bridge has been closed to all private vehicles and motorists can face fines of up to £60 if they're caught.

Hamid Parast owns the Centre Cafe Lounge on Baldwin Street - part of which has been closed to general traffic. He says his turnover has dropped by 70% since the changes came into effect and motorists are confused at the signs.

The plans have not yet been approved. Bristol City Council says it's currently considering all options.