Bristol's biggest new mural aims to inspire hope in Stokes Croft

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A community project to paint one of Bristol's biggest murals this year has been competed in Stokes Croft.

Bursting with colour, the mural was designed by Bristol artist Emma Holloway also known by her artist name Urban Butterfly.

There have been around 20 people. from all backgrounds and ages, who supporting Emma paint over the past three weeks.

Now this 30 foot side of the E5 Church looks completely different.

The piece was designed to be a celebration of diversity and transformation using the journey of a caterpillar's transformation into a butterfly.

The piece was commissioned for the E5 church in the summer of 2019.

Credit: ITV News West Country

The first half was finished last year but the second half took longer to finish than expected with Covid-19 restrictions.

But during the past three weeks of painting, its theme of transformation has become more pertinent than ever.

While some people will think it's a pretty backdrop for a photo, it is hoped others will take different things away from looking at the mural.

Credit: ITV News West Country

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