Hilarious TikTok tutorial from Devon woman suffering from breast cancer

Jane's take on doing her eyebrows has had people in stitches. Credit: Jane Wagstaff/ Tik Tok

A woman who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer has channeled her energy into making hilarious TikTok videos.

Jane Wagstaff from Cullompton says she shed a tear after being told she has breast cancer which has spread to her lymph nodes but says she's using laughter as a way to get her through the treatment.

The 53-year-old has become a sensation over the weekend with her 'Eyebrows tutorial'.

The mum of three says she's always been the family clown and it seems a lot more people are also laughing with Jane as millions have watched her video.

The tutorial was only filmed on Saturday (29 August) and has hundreds of comments including those asking when she'll make another.

Jane says: "I have been diagnosed with breast cancer since lockdown, about a month ago and I have now been told it has gone into the lymph nodes so I will have to have loads of chemo and an operation.

"I am coping with it by making these funny TikToks, and with my three lovely children. The support I have had is absolutely amazing. "I can't believe how many people are watching me - I've have nearly 1.5million views on TikTok and over 32,000 likes. On Facebook it's 6.5million views."

Now people who love Jane's videos have started donating and she raised £280 without even asking - so she has set up a new official fundraiser page here for FORCE Cancer Charity

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