Sky Orchestra serenades skies as it flies above Bristol

A flotilla of seven hot air balloons took to the skies above Bristol to perform music from the air directly into people's homes

The sky orchestra was all part of an arts project by Bristol-based composer Dan Jones and Bristol artist Luke Jerram - famous for his Museum of the Moon, the Park and Slide event in Park Street and his "Play me, I'm Yours" street pianos.

They have been planning the performance since the start of lockdown and didn't announce when they would be flying - waiting two months for the right flying conditions.

Artist Luke Jerram said "with all the music halls and theatres closed we thought we would do something for Bristol that would be an uplifting experience and a collaborative event for everyone to enjoy."

Composer Dan Jones described the Sky Orchestra as a 'giant surround sound system that floats over the city' and he paid tribute to the 'amazing musicians' - who worked on the piece. Mr Jones said he hoped it would help remedy some of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts.

Members of Massive Attack and Portishead were among the contributors. Funds raised from the sale of the track, which is available to download online, will be donated to support emerging musicians in Bristol.


Sky Orchestra was first performed in the city at the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta in 2003, and in 2011 flew over the capital for the London Olympics 2012.